Elizabeth Municipal Alliance


The Elizabeth Municipal Alliance Committee (EMAC) serves the City of Elizabeth located in the County of Union. Our primary goal is to meet the needs of the City’s children, parents, and community members by enhancing and expanding the quality of services offered. EMAC is achieving this on-going goal by providing educational and informational opportunities, services, and implementing prevention initiatives with a focus on the following target populations: school-age children, adolescents, and families. The fundamental purpose of our overall services is to address Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD) education and concerns, while promoting community involvement.

EMAC provides educational services, opportunities and prevention formats that are provided to targeted school-age children, adolescents and their families to effectively address family management problems, and reduce alcoholism and other drug issues within the City. 

The Elizabeth Municipal Alliance has established and continues to foster collaboration of prevention and education activities among agencies, youth groups and private non-profit community based organizations. Currently EMAC is utilizing the CSAP(Center for Substance Abuse Prevention) Prevention/education model, which has proven effective. In order to assist in the achievement of the above mention goals, the following approaches wild be applied:

  • reducing substance abuse among the youth via early prevention education and awareness programs;
  • conducting community outreach initiatives as well as educating young adults that may have already “experimented” and/or routinely used controlled substances;
  • conducting outreach and education to senior citizens on the abuse of prescription medication;
  • develop city-wide parenting seminars and supervised activities relative to parenting skills 
  • provide alternatives to youth at-risk of negative behaviors

EMAC coordinates eleven (11) prevention/ education programs, which encompass schools, community organizations faith institutions and senior groups. The programs address at-risk factors and seek to enhance the quality of life for residents.


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